My most recent website is

ProtectSonomaCounty.org, which I created in 2020. The goal is to help educate and encourage citizens of Sonoma County to take action against future wildfires through vegetation management. The site is the product of extensive research and describes the best practices of fire scientists, indigenous peoples, and individual homeowners. I hope to inform and inspire people in Sonoma County to see wildfires as a threat that can be managed through decisive,  concerted, and collective efforts. 

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I was intrigued by the way local retailers and other businesses used the web and I blogged about the ones who did a great job. I got thoughtful feedback and appreciative responses from the business owners.

I added a blog to my website 

protectsonomacounty.org to report on new developments and track the activities of  politicians, fire scientists, and local fire departments.  



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Writing fiction has been a passion of mine for years, though a private one. I finally published one of my novels, The Knot, in 2019. 


My interest in Sonoma County finding a way to protect itself more effectively from wildfires has pushed me to reach out to local media. Earlier this year I published this piece in The Bohemian, an alternative newsweekly serving Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Another focus of my writing has been ageism. In 2015 I was invited to contribute to the blog called This Chair Rocks and wrote this guest post