Welcome! Thanks for visiting my site. Please take a minute and read about my novel, The Knot. I loved writing it and  had a lot of  help from friends and family. If you're interested, I hope you'll read it and let me know what you think.

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The Knot


Genie finally met the right man. But what happens after she loses him?

Genie Maguire knew heartache from a young age. Her high school boyfriend Victor nearly broke her spirit, then reappeared years later, determined to finish the job. To escape, Genie moved to Sonoma County, where she had the life she always dreamed of—a successful career, great friends, and Charlie, the good man she marries.

Everything changes when a sheriff’s deputy tells her that Charlie has been killed, shot in a random street crime. Genie must return to Boston to honor a promise Charlie made, but doesn’t want to leave California. For one thing, she doubts what the police have told her about Charlie’s murder. Worse yet, Boston is where she fled from Victor.

The Knot is a romantic novel about family, grief, love, and resiliency, and how one woman overcomes loss to live life fully.